Excel Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel is just one of those programs I love to work with and enjoy creating complex worksheets that help solve problems quickly. I think it works perfect with Microsoft Access to create custom reports in just a few clicks.

Here are just a few sample projects where I used Excel to save me hours of time.

  • Custom Sales & Geo-Mapping Reporting. Taking a database export from a main frame sales program, I was able to create an Excel “monster” that would chug through the data and spit out charts, reports and prediction data for sales over a set time period. This data was able to be reformatted and used to create a second export (from Excel) that would be imported into a mapping program and used to create “live” maps showing sales trends on a zip-code basis.
  • Budgets for small companies. This is my favorite way to use Excel. Can’t afford QuickBooks or don’t need something that powerful? I’ve created budgets that keep track of income/expenses and show year-end profit/loss in “live” time. They can also be customized to apply a % change to see what can be expected with a flat % increase or decrease in income or expenses.
  • Per Cost Calculations. Can be used for restaurants, parts manufacturers, estimators, construction companies. You tell me your cost per “unit” of items, and I can create a “per cost” of the finished item based on your % of unit usage, or time needed. Really fun thing to create and see how accurate it can be once all the customizations can be accurately measured.
  • Excel into Access to create PDF directories. Class reunions, people lookups, business directories – sort by name, city, specialty, zip code or other sortable field.

Have something you need done in Excel? Let me know and I’ll provide a “Yes, I can do it.” or a “Hmm … not sure if I can do that.” answer and cost.