Custom Programming

I do lots of custom programming for my clients. There are times I get referred from other companies because they can’t figure out how to do it, or just don’t want to try it. I look at it as a challenge.

Here are just a few sample programming challenges I completed.

  1. Custom class registration with a custom # of students in each class. Registration included account creation for parents and custom exporting of students for the administrator. When the class was full, the class was removed from the options for registration. Administrator can set up any amount of classes with any customization of student spots.
  2. Custom e-commerce shipping solution for multi-continent company. Each location required a different method of shipment. US based is standard US shipping. Outside the US, they required container volume calculations. Items were then shipped via containers (via ship).
  3. Custom e-commerce solution for unique e-commerce. Amish client needed custom e-commerce solution for his business. Involves drop dates by location varied by date, variable shipping rates and inventory management. I also create weekly custom reports for him to be printed and delivered to him, since he doesn’t use electricity and doesn’t have email or a printer.
  4. Rewriting Joomla. New client came to me after website was hacked. Needed to use an old version of Joomla for an inventory program tie-in to a main frame. Problem was the hack injected code into an already custom-coded version of Joomla. I had to rewrite most of their Joomla programming to remove the hacker code injection and still keep the customization they already built into their version of Joomla.

More examples to come!