What Do You Own?

I’ve dealt a lot lately with new clients contacting me because they just realized they don’t actually own their domain names and/or hosting accounts.

Some of these businesses work with web design companies. Some of these businesses work with friends or family members who forgot usernames/passwords or just won’t give them their information.

Unfortunately, some of these businesses fall into the trap of “Yes, you own it, but not until the advertising contract is over.” There are some companies out there that offer monthly advertising services where the domain name, website and web hosting is all tied into one monthly fee. While they use these advertising companies, they are under the assumption they own everything. Once the contact ends, they discover they don’t.

Companies like Dex Media own it. When you end the contract, it can be a nightmare to get your information back or assume ownership.

I’ve dealt with Dex Media on getting businesses their domain names back. It requires a lot of time and follow up. Give me a call if you use Dex Media and are looking to leave. Don’t be shocked at the time you leave when you discover the ownership is in their name instead of yours. Take care of it before you leave.

Do You Have Your Codes?

It’s usually the first question I ask new clients who already have websites.

“Do you have your codes?”

Your “codes” are those usernames & passwords for access to all your stuff. What codes do I usually need?

  • Domain Name user/pass
  • Web Hosting user/pass (and/or Control Panel user/pass)
  • Social Media user/pass
  • FTP Codes (if not under a Control Panel) IP/user/pass
  • WordPress Admin user/pass (or any CMS program, like Joomla, Drupal, etc.)

There can be other codes, based on what you already have set up.

Should you have them? YES! Do you have them? Did your current/previous web designer create the accounts for you? Did they register the domain name for you? Is it in YOUR name or THEIR name?

I can help get you the codes, in most cases. There are some cases where we need to go back to the person who created the account to get them. The problem lies if they are not available or unwilling to give them to you. Trust me … sometimes they are just unwilling to give them to you.



Over Sharing on Social Media

Do you post photos on Facebook from your vacation while you’re on your vacation? I’m sure the thieves in your area appreciate you. Since you’re on Facebook telling everyone where you area, they’ll easily pick up you’re not at home.

Do you post all your family drama over social media? Think that’s helping the drama calm down? Probably not. Why take to social media to broadcast your family issues? Sometimes I just don’t understand people.

Many businesses don’t have a social media policy for their employees. Some businesses let their employees oversee their social media accounts and get into the situation where the employee leaves, and takes the account with them. You should always have more than one person with Administrator access to your Facebook account. If the employee leaves, there is still one other person with access. Who should that other person be? YOU! In many cases, I am an Administrator of my clients’ social media accounts and help them with their posts.

Keep these things in mind when regarding social media:

  • Be positive. Don’t bash your competition.
  • Don’t over-post. One post a day is sufficient for most businesses. Some can go with one post a week. Depends on your industry and the frequency you have new content.
  • Check spelling & grammar. It is your reputation out there.
  • Don’t post anything controversial. You never know who you will offend. Don’t take the risk.