Business Consulting

This is a new service I’m offering!

Since I deal with many clients in a wide variety of industry, I’ve decided to officially offer my consulting services. Normally, I would reserve these consultations to clients if they ran into problems and asked my advice.

What can be included in these consultations?

  1. Business planning for new businesses.
  2. Strategic Planning for existing businesses.
  3. Marketing consultations/concepts/ideas. I don’t officially do the non-digital¬†marketing, as I’m too busy, but I do have companies I refer that can handle the actual design/printing, etc.
  4. Project management. Maybe you don’t think I’m a good fit for your project. That’s OK. Let me oversee your project to make sure it’s done properly.
  5. Vendor Selection. Need help deciding who’s good and who isn’t? Which companies are reliable? What products work?
  6. Business Coaching. I’ll be the person you can ask questions with and help research answers. I’ve been in business for myself since 1998. I have LOTS of contacts.
  7. Team training. I can help train your employees on business customer service, new programs, help you brainstorm ideas.
  8. Meeting Facilitation. Need an impartial person to help run a meeting? Help your business come to a conclusion for a concept or idea? Run a meeting as an impartial observer? I have experience in Continuous Improvement methods (Kaizen) as well as others.

If you have questions, let me know what your problems are and I’ll send a proposal with solution concept and costs.